Iain Smith has worked closely with our amazing group of UK farmers, producers and artisans to provide a range of homemade delights that we’ve assembled into The Cheyne Hamper.

Please note: the types of delights are subject to availability and may change but the ‘hamper’ will always contain the same volume of ingredients.


Sliced cured meats with pickles
Nut hummus with bunched carrots
Sliced smoked salmon with potato and shallot salad
Chives and wholegrain mustard dressing
Wild mushroom risotto with grilled chicken breast
Cheese, dried fruits and chutney
Tart tatin with honey creme fraiche
and of course, our signature; Green bean and artichoke salad with truffle vinaigrette, popped quinoa, almonds and caramelised Seville orange

Please note: For now, they aren’t really hampers. They are smart navy blue, paper shopping bags that are both recycled and recyclable.